Matsudo Arisu Dental Clinic

zip code 270-0034
4th Floor M Forest Building, 3-135 Shinmatsudo, Matsudo, Chiba

If you’re coming by train.

JR Musashino Line SHINMATSUDO is the nearest station.Exit the ticket gate and go right.

Go straight until you get to the white building (see the photo).

Go straight the road passing on the left side of the building.

Turn left at the first traffic light beyond the railroad crossing and the green bridge.

Go straight to the building on the right-hand side of the first traffic light. Our clinic is on the 4th floor in the building.

If you’re coming by car.

If you use “Times (metered parking),” we will hand you parking service tickets according to medical hours.

【Times (metered parking) ①】

【Times (metered parking) ②】