Tanpopo Dental Clinic

zip code 486-0927
4th Floor, AEON Kasugai, 4-17 Kashiwai-cho, Kasugai, Aichi

If you’re coming by train/bus.

JR Chuo Main Line KACHIGAWA is the nearest station.

Take out the north exit. Go to bus stop ① (Meitetsu Bus).

Get on a bus bounding for “Ken-iryo-ryoiku-sogo-center”・”Fujiyamadai-minami.”

Get off at the first bus stop, “Kashiwaicho Yon-chome.” The fee is 170 yen.

“AEON Kasugai” is just in front of the bus stop. Our clinic is on the 4th floor there.

If you’re coming by car.

Our clinic is located right along National Route 19. Parking lot in AEON Kasugai is available.